iOS [BUG] Income will not exceed 918148g, extra money gets lost


Hi, I play the IOS version on my mobile phone. For the past 3 days IG I’ve realised that no matter what my end of day income is, when I wake up in the morning the total amount of money I have will not exceed 918148g.

I noticed this as the last time I went to sleep with around 870000g on me, and my end of day income was 68000ish, but waking up the next day I found the money would get added and capped at 918148g.

I tested purchasing, to see if the money decreases by the correct amount, and that works fine. I have also figured out I can sell items directly to Pierre, when I do that I can go above that capped amount.

I don’t know what caused it and it’s concerning me a lot, I’ve lost just over 100000g to this issue. :sweat:

One theory I have yet to test is if it’s affected by what shipping bin I use; I have two on my farm and mostly use the second one I built, I recently had it’s location moved slightly. I’ll test out to see if using the original shipping bin works and leave feedback.

I don’t know how many other people have had this issue, I’ve found a temporary loophole but it’s still a serious problem. I’m at a point in the game where making back the 100,000g is not that difficult, but for people who are starting out or still quite early in game this will make things really difficult.
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I wonder if having a second shipping bin at all is what’s messing up your game. Have you tried deleting the second one to see if that helps?