PC [BUG] Impossible "Help Wanted" quest


On the first day of the Night Market, the request on the "Help Wanted" board was Willy requesting 3 catfish.
The fish have to be caught to complete the quest, catfish can only be caught on rainy days (in Winter), and it can't rain during the night market (even with a rain totem, I tried), so the request is impossible to complete.
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As I stated, you have to catch the fish after accepting the request to complete Willy's quests, just like you have to actually mine the ore after accepting the request to complete Clint's quests.
Other villagers requests can be completed with items you already have, but not Willy's fishing quests.
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It might be helpful on the dialog for Willy and Clint to says "freshly" acquired fish or ore or something to that effect. I can't tell you how many times I've tried to give Clint ore only to have him take ONE and tell me how depressing that is.