Automatic drafts


While writing a post on mobile I accidentally navigated away from the page and my post was lost, thus making it apparent that automatic drafts are not enabled.

I think it would be a good addition and would probably encourage people to write longer and more meaningful posts without the fear of it being lost.

They doesn't have to be saved indefinitely, which is probably too resource heavy anyway but few days to a week could probably work.


I agree, automatic drafts would be a big improvement in the experience IMO. Misclicks happen wayyyy too often for me ^^. Just save these for a day or something, and it probably wouldn't be too too resource heavy actually, compared to how many posts are stored indefinitely anyway.

Magically Clueless

Staff member
I checked the settings and drafts have been enabled from the beginning, but they save every 60 seconds. So if you were writing something but immediately clicked away, it'd be lost, but if you typed for a while it probably wouldn't. I'm going to use this post to confirm that it's automatic

yep, can confirm it saves. i exit this page and came back. a little green dot appears on the save icon
when it saves