Am I the only one too dumb to install mods?


SDV is so much fun but I'm in year 7 and getting bored of searching for the scalpula artifact. Will the new update solve all this for me?


Using mods is actually surprisingly easy, at least on desktop.

  1. Download, unzip, and install SMAPI, the Stardew Mod API which all other mods are based upon by running the smapi.exe once
  2. Download mods from wherever you like, with a caveat that there's a bunch of skeevy places online. I'd suggest either the mods forum here or Nexus
  3. Unzip mods into the new 'mods' folder found in your Stardew Valley folder (for Steam users, it's .../steam/steamapps/common/Stardew Valley)
  4. Run Stardew Valley normally (including through Steam if you like). Mods are already working.
  5. Enjoy!


I sat with your encouragement for a few days and then finally tried it.
I've been playing the Stardew Valley Expanded mod for weeks now! Building my dream farm! All kinds of shenanigans.

Thank you all for encouraging me. I appreciate it. You're never too old to stop calling yourself dumb.