1. Switch [BUG] Error 2002-3005 after trying to name horse

    I have the game both on my PC and on my Switch and this has only happened on my second game on the switch so far. I just built the stable and when I try to click on the horse (in trying to name it), the bubble does pop up but when I click on the name then to choose my own, the game crashes with...
  2. PC [BUG] graphic error, pls help me

    Hi, a few days ago my game doesn't open normally, my resolution is not working properly, and my screen is cut off, pls help me :smile:
  3. PC [BUG] White Screen Bug after a couple of minutes / secondes

    Hello there, i got this bug screen in the game. I can play for a couple of minutes / seconds. My Steam Version is 1.37 not 1.45 at all, see second picture below. Have anybody an idea?
  4. PC [BUG] Co-op Skull Key Error

    There's an Co-op error that happened when I started Co-op on an existing advanced save file: I checked my inventory and Skull Key was not there, then I did go to the 120 floor of the mines but the chest wasn't there so I can't get back the Skull Key.
  5. Sleepy_Knight

    Android [BUG] Missing Items in Artifacts Collection

    Hi. Both my Nautilus Fossil and Amphibian Fossil are missing from my character's artifact collection! I have collected them repeatedly and have placed them Museum.
  6. Android [BUG] Spelling Error

    Description of Jasper in museum. I believe 'attactive' is supposed to be 'attractive'
  7. Maple

    [HELP] Game Loop ERROR

    I host a game with 3 more members and we all get the GameLoop error. Here's the smapi log: Is there anyone who can help? We sincerely appreciate it :)
  8. (Fixed) Help with SMAPI error

    Hi, I just updated my SMAPI and I don't know where the error is from please help [game] System.Exception: The specified Tile Index is out of range at xTile.Tiles.StaticTile..ctor(Layer layer, TileSheet tileSheet, BlendMode blendMode, Int32 tileIndex) in C:\Users\Barone_\Documents\Visual...