Customizable Cart Redux

Customizable Cart Redux 1.4

Customizable Traveling Cart Redux
Version 1.4

This mod is inspired by yyeahdude. It allows you to set the chances of the traveling cart appearing per day (by setting it from 0 to 1, for example, a 25% chance is .25), the items it contains, and how much it is.

SMAPI 3.0+
SDV 1.4+

***The API has changed. Any mods using this should use the newer API***

Multiplayer Behavior
This mod will only work for the main player (i.e the host) in an MP game.

Current Config Options
To configure, open up `config.json` in your mod folder.

  • Monday through SundayChance: sets the odds it appears that day of the week
  • AppearOnlyAtStartOfSeason: Will appear only on day 1, regardless of any other settings.
  • AppearOnlyatEndOfSeason: Will appear only on day 28, regardless of any other settings
  • AppearOnlyatStartAndEndOfSeason: Will appear only day 1 and 28, regardless of any other settings
  • AppearOnlyEveryOtherWeek: Will only appear on days 8-14 and 22-28 of the season
  • Use Vanilla Max: The vanilla game stops looking for items at 790. Setting this to false allows PPJA assets
  • Opening Time: The time the cart opens in the morning
  • Closing Time: The time the cart closes in the evening. Use 2400 notation.
  • AmountOfItems: default 12, but can be altered down or up to control how many items appear. Note: The mod will by default set any numbers less than 3 to 3.
  • BlacklistedItems - These items will not appear in the cart. Note: This applies over any items added to AllowedItems.
  • AllowedItems - These items will be permitted to appear in the cart. (This is primarily used to override the prohibited categories.)
  • UseCheaperPricing: Uses a less expensive method of determining the value.
For API documentation, please go to: the README on the github

In order to add items, subscribe to the CartProcessingComplete event, and put your logic for adding items there.
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