Who's the NPC you certanly will NEVER marry ?

Penny, Abigail, Harvey, and Emily. No hate for any of them - they're fun characters to talk to. I've just never been able to click with an endgame with them.


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Emily is too crazy for me.
Shane because he needs to get his life under control, not a partner. And I read he kinda backpaces when you marry him.
Sam is to young/childish.
Alex and Haley have a high school vibe as well, although I might consider Haley as she does grow.


Leah. I sometimes forget she's a marriage candidate even. It's not that she's a bad NPC, I just don't consider her as a potential partner for my farmer.
Emily, Haley, Leah, Abigail, Maru, and Penny. I know I just listed the entire bachelorette group of SDV, but I just don’t really click with any of them romantically. Platonically, sure. Here’s why:
  • Emily - She’s too out there. I like extroverts but I’ve just never clicked with anyone with her personality romantically (IRL)
  • Haley - Sorry to all the Haley lovers out there. I know she grows once you marry her, and she has a great personality , but she reminds me to much of the girls at my high school. So stuck up. And rude to her sister!
  • Leah - She’s just always been my friend. I love her, but I’ve never considered her for marriage. She’s just too friend-y for me to want to marry her.
  • Abigail - She’s a little too weird for me. IDK, I’ve just never wanted to marry her.
  • Maru - Sorry, too geeky. IRL I can’t stand people who talk about science a lot. Therefore, I don’t like her dad either.
  • Penny - Too small. She doesn’t really have a personality, and TBH I only talk to her because I feel bad about her mom
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I plan on marrying every Available NPC eventually. But, two of the harder ones for me will be Abigail and Maru. I actually adore them both- as friends. In fact, they are usually among the first villagers I raise to 8 hearts, but I have no romantic feelings for them at all. I am not at all looking forward to marrying Shane. I have his future spouse made and the farm planned (going for multiple chicken coops, free range of course), but I just have no interest in him at all. Not as friends, not as lovers just no. He’s dirty and rude, but what set me over the edge was when he claimed not to believe in anything supernatural in a world full of magic and spirits. I mean, there’s a freaking wizard practically living next door to him. He’ll probably be my last one.

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Probably Harvey. He seems to lack personality in early game and while it's clear that all of the candidates experience growth, I've either not talked to him enough in any of my saves to change his dialog much, or you really need to spend a lot of time with him to get that change.

Dishonorable mentions:

Alex is a tool but he's also a pawn and he's more easily accessible to me.
Haley starts off so Haley it's like she's some Haley exaggeration of Haley, but that soon fades with the copious Daffodils to Forage and Gift in Spring. Haley is so easily un-Haleyable that I don't get the friction she sometimes receives, as it's actually difficult to avoid both her and Daffodils in early game. But some people need a wild-type Haley in their life, so I get that.
I see right through Shane and looked forward to my daily interactions with him in my first playthrough to see at which point the cracks would appear in his stoic facade. I still don't have him to 8 hearts anywhere so there's still fun left with him.
I can see Sam as a last-marry for many people as he's too easygoing and therefore doesn't stand out, but I can't hold that against him as that's pretty much me. See also: Boring.


Harvey: kind of a dork however I do appreciate his love for coffee
Elliot: he seems like a snob and he's too far out of the way for me to take the time and interact with
Emily: lets be honest, does this even need an explanation
Maru: same reasons as Harvey but without the coffee


Haley, Alex, Sam, Abigail, and probably Emily. I waffle on Emily. I'm also rather torn on Elliot . . . having spent a couple of decades teaching college-level literature courses, I'm done with the artist-y novelist types. Elliot gets better the longer you know him, though, so I'm considering maybe marrying him at some point.


Any of the bachelorettes. Don't get me wrong here, I love their personalities, I just wouldn't marry them.
Emily: Love her, but a little bit too extroverted for me
Haley: I know her story arc is amazing, I just wouldn't marry her.
Abigail: She's my bff in game but seems... a little too young??
Maru: Feels definitely too young, and I like her more as a sister-in-law. Also, I definitely feel like I'm limiting her future by marrying her.
Leah: Also a great character, but I feel like I'm limiting her art career by marrying her.
Penny: Again, I love all of them, but I think Penny should explore the world a bit, and try new things!

And a few of the guys:
Sam: Great character, but too immature for me.
Shane: He's got a great story arc, but he seemed to relapse when I married him.
Harvey: Sweet dude, but a little too old for me.
Elliot or Leah, because I don't like the idea of leaving their cottages empty. Harvey because he's the only doctor in town and needs to be in his apartment/office if anyone gets sick or hurt outside clinic hours. Shane needs to stay at marnie's to take care of his goddaughter. Sebastian, Maru, Sam, Abigail, Haley, and Alex all need to stay home with their family taking care of them as they seem like children who play in their rooms a lot. Haley needs Emily to take care of her.
That's why I only married Penny. But I won't marry her again.
So I guess...all of them?

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leah, shane, haley, and harvey for me

leah- i just don't mesh with her personality very well
shane- i got my own problems to deal with and i don't resonate with his enough
haley- we don't have enough common ground
harvey- i like someone a bit more bold even if shy