who would you be?

Abigail because her lifestyle and her family interaction are similar to mine when I was younger.
Like Abigail, who is losing touch with Sebastian; I lose a friend after he settled down with someone. 🤪
So realistic
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None of them are a perfect match for me really.

I guess Sebastian is the closest in terms of interests, and I'm kind of a loner too and a night owl. Of course, I'm also a woman and I don't wear emo or goth style either. Plus I work full-time and don't just lounge around all day like he does. Neither do I smoke.


lol! some great answers thanks! I don't know all the back stories yet so this is just my initial impressions from a couple of days play

I have seen Leah with a camera (I like taking photo's of nature when out) and she mentioned something about preferring to be alone or not liking crowds when approached at the village beach party event. I think I read she liked drawing or painting too but have never been able to get in her house to see what her house is like. I think she was the one that said she'd like a cat but I can't remember. (I have the cat in one game as my pet). Interests-wise Leah would be close to being like me.

Demetrius mentioned Maru might show me how to use the telescope in the yard if we were friends when I was looking for his wife to buy something from the shop. I don't know if you can actually see something through it after you befriend Maru or not. That maybe cool! I'm not sure of her personality though or age. (she looks like an older version of my mum with the glasses on but the science background doesn't fit)

I like Linus but he tells me more when I'm playing my female character. If I approach him as Kenny without a visible gift he always asks if I've been throwing rocks at his tent.

Haley seems very shallow from what little she's said, as does Alex (think its Alex) often see him on the beach and he always talks about his muscles to both my male and female character. Both remind me of people I know who constantly take selfie's of themselves every few seconds. I could see Haley and Alex doing this if they had smartphones in the game!!

Shane doesn't say anything beyond why are you talking to me, why aren't you at work? to either. Haven't really talked to Elliot. Sam seems like a typical youth...computer games, rock bands and skateboards.

Haven't really paid attention to the others yet and still trying to remember who lives where and who is who if I get a job in the post and it gives a name, haven't got to the point where I instantly know who it is and where they live, apart from a select few.

If I was going to pick a family to hang out with (as myself) Jodi and Kent's family seem most like ours when I was very young with Kent being in the military (Haven't met him yet...my dad was in the army)..Sam would be similar to my bro...except mine can't play any musical instruments -( I used to able to play the keyboard/piano years ago) but the games consoles and skateboarding are like him!

Penny of course seems like an older soul with simple desires. (from what I've seen of her heart cut scenes so far) She reminds me of my mum in her love of children and wanting to help and teach Jas and Vincent with the old-fashioned duty to get married and be a good wife.
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I'm Krobus or Dwarf. I only have a passing familiarity with humans, whose strange social customs are completely alien to me. I am both fascinated and anxious about interacting with them. I can provide basic services and chat for 30 seconds but you won't find me in the middle of a crowd, charming the gentlemen/ladies with my with, charisma and great hair. Nope, it's the damp, dark, enclosed spaces for me.
I'm a bit of a combination between Elliot and Sebastian. I'm like Elliot because I love writing and using talking fancy-like for fun, and I'm like Sebastian because I'm a nerd, especially for RPGs and gaming, and I like spending a lot of time in my room. I'm not goth or dark and brooding like Sebastian though : )


In the inside I'm Abigail :abigail: as we share the same interests, we have an urge for exploration and we take life lightly (like waiting for the last moment to do our chores).
In the outside, I'm Clint :clint: : always complaining, out of place and failing to have others to bond with me.