what do i do with void egg?

Definitely hatch it! An adult void chicken will lay a void egg every day. Void eggs are more valuable than regular chicken eggs. Plus they are loved gifts for both Krobus and Sebastian. Especially iridium quality void eggs will help you earn friendship with them very quickly.


:stardrop: The uses of a 'Void Egg' :stardrop:

  • Can be a loved gift for Sebastian or (Spoilers, for the sewers... I think...) Krobus
  • Can be made into 'Void Mayo'
  • Can be a substitute egg in any cooking recipes involving an egg
  • Can be used to make a shirt after unlocking Emily's sewing machine
But if you incubate it first, you have an unlimited supply! Never turn your first egg into mayo!
I actually did that when I first started playing! Luckily, I was able to get another one relatively fast. Later on, the eggs can be used for mayo which can be used for other things. So definitely don’t take my advice first!