Upgraded house and bed has destroyed chests!


Playing on switch, when I upgraded to the house with the nursery the bed moved and replaced the chests it was now overlapping... where have my items gone please?! Thank you!
Probably gone, any time a chest is destroyed its contents are lost, and chests are destroyed if something else takes precedence (villagers walking being the most common thing I've experienced, but apparently this also qualifies). Sorry I don't have better news!


Maybe check the Lost and Found box in Lewis' house? I'm not sure if the items would go there but it's worth a look.


Yeah when something like this happens, the function the game is trying to preform, like moving a bed, is not flexible and whatever is in it's way will be destroyed without leaving a trace. It's the same like mentioned above with the villagers when items are placed in their designated paths. Just curious, had you ever moved the bed to a new location from the spot it normally is when you start before?