Unofficial mod updates


Those who are using the unofficial version of the Rustic Town Interiors, is everything working for you well? Or are you facing any kind of problems?
i see some spots of the floor with other color also i noticed is not exaclty the same as the original but evrithing else is fine!




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Sure, here's my log:
(I'm using the newest version you just sent here and it doesn't fix the bug described, when clicking on the + to create a new task, nothing happens).
Right, I've changed the way I am handling itterating over the keys. This is a super weird bug and I think is caused by some other mod providing dodgy NPC data. Try this, I have also added some extra logging to try diagnose the issue better



BetterJunimos 3.0.0-unofficial.1-p1xel8ted

This was compiled from the already updated code at Stardew-Mods/BetterJunimos at master · hawkfalcon/Stardew-Mods ( - based on the commit notes, this is largely untested.

- Working in the greenhouse is broken; but everything else appears OK (based on user reports)
Thanks for compiling this! I've been testing it a bit, and it seems to me that the Junimos are not planting crops, but they do watering, fertilizing, harvesting and all the other tasks. Apparently the ability to plant crops has "not been triggered", so I can't unlock it unlike everything else. I tried tinkering with the options, but couldn't fix it. There's also no error that I can see. Has anybody else encountered this?
Old, yes... but I'm working on converting my crop and recipe mods to CP right now, and they should be released within the next few weeks!

ETA: Along with a couple hundred new recipes. I'm a glutton for punishment.
This will be actually amazing! I loved your crop mods so much! now i just need ALL of the ppja mods to be fixed and released xD

Maybe you can try Natures Bounty
If im being honest, those two mods do not have even near the same functionality nor crops. I have the mod already but it doesnt have hybrids or differences between the different varying types irl. It is lacking as many recipes or uses for said recipes. If the mod author wants to integrate some amount of that i wouldnt be opposed however!