Art Tree I finished last night


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That looks great, I really like the shading! The only criticism I can think of is that the two lower branches on the right side that both go down rather than up look a bit out of place with how far down they go. (Hopefully that makes sense.)


I get what Odin is saying, but i have seen trees like that irl. It looks very good, but artistically speaking the branch on the bottom right does look a bit out of place. Perhaps toying with the shading could help out with that or something, i don't know. At any rate, it came out really good overall. One of the things I would point out is that there is a bit of an inconsitency when you use shadows. You seem to use them either randomly or to emphasize individual branches, and while not inherrently wrong, it also makes it look like there are multiple sources of light shining at it or something. If this was a sketch of a real tree, and it took a lot of time (over the span of several hours or days), then the changing sun would cast shadows differently throughout the day. Whatever the reason, just something to keep an eye on if you cared that much. Good job with the sketch, looks nice. :3


Very nice Bubbub! 🙂
I have some formal training in drawing, drafting and design, I can say I really appreciate your attention to the layering of the branches especially. It is clear you thought this out well and payed attention to having shadows and darker shading for the branches that appear in the background, as well as lighter shading to those in the foreground. You gave it a great natural complexity that trees tend to have, so great instincts with these! Great shading! It is captivating and interesting to look at. If I could improve upon anything, it would be to pay close attention to the natural tapering that happens with most trees branches where they generally start thicker at the base and then thin as they travel outwards/upwards (you've done fantastic with this on almost all of them, though there is one or two that gets a bit thicker in the middle. Because your composition is good, I really don't notice it much though, it is well executed, nice work! And keep going, you're doing great! ❤).

One thing we can tend to do as we continue to build drawing skill, is to be a bit reliant on outlines, so I wonder what would happen if you tried drawing several trees that had no outlines? Yikes right? Lol. That was my reaction when asked to do that. Drawing instructors sometimes throw weird exercises like this at us, to get us to experiment, think, draw, and "see" in new and interesting ways. It feels a bit painful at first sometimes, but usually I learn an unexpected skill to add to my collection. Sometimes sketching shapes via shading and non-connected lines can bring a very organic flair to drawings (just as an experiment and fun practice more than anything else). The goal when trying experimenting like that is not to create an ideal or good outcome, it is just to put in extra hours of training our hands, brains, and eyes to coordinate beautifully and in new and different ways. They say that people's drawing skill improves incrementally with continued hours of practice and ive always found that to be true. So, that's generally what the goal is. Suddenly after putting in a certain amount of extra time and exploring new drawing strategies, our ability just clicks and goes up a notch and we experience an "Aha! This is awesome!" moment. You're already doing excellent with this, and making fantastic progress, keep up the good work and keep having fun with it! 😁

Everyone brings such a fun and interesting style to their own work, it is a pleasure and an honor to have it shared with us. Thanks for sharing!
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Very nice. Trees make such great subjects. They have character. I notice that some of the branches in the background are darker, in contrast with those in the foreground. You've used overlapping to good effect to create dimension. If you want to create even more depth, try using darker colours in the foreground, and let the background fade off into the horizon. Have fun and keep on making art!