Issue Stardew Valley Expanded, Black Screen while start new day


Hello, I've been playing "stardew valley" for a long time and I decided to download the "stardew valley expanded" mod, but every time I start a new day in the game the game screen appears completely black, I don't even see my cursor, I already It happened twice and I don't know how to solve it, the SAMPI does not leave me a log error, so I had to send what the console left me, I hope your help



Curious if you have figured this out, as I’ve started having the same issue also with no errors
This user had a LOT of errors in SMAPI. Most of them were related to content patcher, Stardew Valley Expanded and SVE es-ES. It looks like these mods were installed incorrectly.

I don't know what your errors are because you didn't provide any error log or console log.