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Hear ye, hear ye! With the Stardew Scroll Generator, thou canst forge scroll banners in the style used by Stardew Valley. Make thy announcements in style. Or, more practically, create section headers for your mod descriptions. :smile:

The scrolls are dynamically sized to the text, and you can create a series that share the same width. All of them are downloaded as PNG images. Language support is currently limited by the range of characters available in the community-extracted font I'm using; I'd welcome any alternative that included more of the glyphs from the in-game font.

You will need to host your banner images somewhere to use them on mod pages.

To use an image for a banner in a mod page here on the forums, with alternate text for accessibility and fallback:
Rich (BB code):
[SIZE=4][B][IMG alt="Configuration"]URL-to-configuration.png[/IMG][/B][/SIZE]
And on ModDrop:
Markdown (GitHub flavored):
## ![Configuration](URL-to-configuration.png)
And on Nexus (no alt text support):
Rich (BB code):
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Update: The Scroll Generator now features a bevy of options:
  • Choose text alignment (left, right or center) for a series of scrolls.
  • Choose text color and shadow color, or even leave out the shadow.
  • Make a scroll into a Nexus banner (1400x400), including options to double the scroll size and apply solid or gradient background colors.