Stardew Cast for Bachelors/Bachelorettes


My husband and I made "casts" for Stardew to see who we would choose to play the characters.

Here's mine.

I am pretty bad at remembering actor names, so I will use some character names. XD

Sebastian- Jonathan from Stranger Things
Alex- Jimmy Gibbler from Fuller House
Sam- Mac from new Saved by the Bell
Harvey- Jude Law (Watson)
Shane- Oscar Isaac (Poe Dameron)
Elliot- Dude from You/Gossip Girl

Abigail- Audrey Plaza (April from Parks and Rec)
Haley- Tori from Cobra Kai
Penny- Beck from You
Maru- Ayesha from Cobra Kai
Emily- Maisie Williams from GOT
Leah- Nancy from Stranger Things

Feel free to comment on the choices or show all/some of your own! (Including NPCs!)


Lew Zealand

You're totally cheating by making Jude Law play Harvey. Now he's the best NPC, up from being the most Friendzoned just a few days ago. Same goes for Maisie Williams, except that Emily is pretty tall in-game. That's no biggie however, just use an anamorphic lens and forced perspective and we're all good!

I dunno about Alex having those things popping out of his stomach like he's channeling John Hurt in Alien, though. And Elliot is simply getting the short stick in this set of choices. Instead I suggest Chris Hemsworth, with a bit of a shave. Hoo boy, now that's a great Elliot!

Almost forgot, I actually work with Penny. It's amazing just how closely she looks like Penny and is just the nicest person to work with. It's eerie, but in a very good way.