Some things to come & June prompt showcase!

Magically Clueless

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Hey everyone! We're inching closer to the middle of July, and lordy has it been hot outside here. I hope you guys are doing well, staying warm or cool depending on where you are!

I just wanted to give an update of what we're looking into for the forums, give some quick status updates, and of course, show off the great submissions we got from the last monthly prompt!

Forum Stuff

We've been keeping an eye on Forum Feedback and lately we've gotten some really great suggestions! I just wanted to let you know that we're looking into what we can add to this forum. It's pretty bare bones as it is, which isn't really a bad thing, but that's to say that the features requested are not really included with the forums as a base. There are definitely some great options we have that increase quality of life on the forums and inspires some more engagement, so I'll be providing an update on that as we keep looking into it. Thanks for your patience! And of course, if you have more suggestions, we're hearing you out!

Game Stuff

ConcernedApe gave a few updates recently that you might be interested in-- For one, he announced that 1.5 for mobile is still in the works, and that he had to get someone new to port the game:

He also mentioned that the board game is on its way to being restocked. Cole Medeiros explains a bit why here. There's also a podcast interview with The Game Design Round Table that you might want to check out here!

When there's more updates, we'll be sure to post it here too. Thanks for your patience with mobile and the board game restocks!

Monthly Prompt Results
Our theme for June was 'Pride' and we got 2 amazing mods from the theme. Both are compatible with 1.5 and a good sprinkle of color into your game!

We have the Prismatic Pride mod by kdau that lets you change prismatic clothes to the pride flags of your choice, and Lumisteria's Flower Pride Banners which add 6 beautiful banners you can use in your game! Thank you both for these mods, they're absolutely lovely! Please check them out and show us some screenshots from your game if you download these mods!

I've also made a thread regarding monthly prompts, or really, monthly anythings you would like to see in the forums. Like I mentioned earlier in this post, there's some features we're looking into adding, like extra trophies or title roles. If there are things you want other than prompts, or you have any prompt ideas, please let us know in Forum Feedback:

Also, since this post is 2 weeks into July, we'll hold off on a prompt this month and collect some feedback, then resume with our plans in August. Thanks for understanding!