Show me your pets!

Lew Zealand

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This is Rug:


Rug is not Rug's real name but is instead an embodiment of spirit. An ethos. Rug is Rug because Rug has earned the highest level of Rug. Rug pads into a room and audibly flops down onto the floor like an old school Hollywood maiden would upon a couch when she's just had enough of it all. While Rug is technically an action, its intended purpose is the exact opposite and is quickly achieved.


Rug will occasionally attempt to blend in with other textile-based surroundings but often with limited success.


Rug will occasionally put on a show that Rug is interested in hearing about your problems or a hard day at work or your mother. But Rug is already bored.


You are all too boring and predictable, so Rug must Rug, as one named Rug does.


Since my last post Nockie has unfortunately passed away :( Puppers

R.I.P Freddie (TCh Aslan DirtySexyMoney TSD):

R.I.P. Nockie (TCh Aslan Show Me The Money):

I still have my fish: (finally got a not totally crap image of the big one, still can't get a good shot of the tetras :P)

However now my Mum has this little rascal for me to spoil (Perry)

And Ului (my aunt's dog who lives with my mum and grandma) is getting on but still thinks she's a puppy most of the time.
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Lew Zealand

Local Legend
It's cool to see how many people have birds as pets which I guess I shouldn't be surprised about as now is the only time in the last 2 decades I haven't worked in the same room with someone who has a pet bird.

I wonder if anyone marries Emily for her Parrot?