Share your in-game outfits


I meant to post these for Halloween, but of course I forgot, so lets pretend we're absolutely not in November yet.

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Out of my way you vile... air I guess?
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You have three wishes, and the first two don't count
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Such a skilled magician I make squares appear out of thin air
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The art, the artist
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Fishin' cursors in the rain ♫♪
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We have to save the princess- wait, I'M the princess
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Can I spy on the while town too?
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So what happens if I mix bleach and ammonia?
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These pecks are 100% natural I swear

I'm having way too much fun with this.
I must say, the artist is much more impressive than the art


Great thread! If I manage to get my screenshots off my PS4 I'll share mine. I don't do a lot but have my traditional favourite hat and top. And tried to get my beachwear together recently. I'd also like to get 2 ideal Flower Dance outfits together.


So from left to right:
  • This is me in a fetching purple farmer shirt? And Cowgal Hat I've worn since I played a long while ago.
  • Next up is my beachwear since unlocking the resort. I dyed my hair recently it was always brown before. I poured my best boots into Space Boots to have purple instead of ugly brown. I have sunglasses and a toga top, and some shorts dyed whiteish to blend with the toga that you can't see here because I just look too good to not be riding a horse apparently.
  • Third is me about to replace my wife Abigail in the Flower Dance after she spent all week excited about it and asking if I'd been practicing for it.
  • Lastly I show my 2 kids; Angel and Devil. Devil has his skeleton mask as he lives up to his name but Angel is no kitty cat push over she's a Tiger! Not pictured I finally gave Devil some mouse ears instead to cut him a break but honestly they just look like huge devil horns!
Stardew Valley Outfits.png


Year 4 Beach Farm (started specifically for v1.5), married to Haley, my current most active save. I want to change the look soon and this Farmer has gone through so many different outfits that by this point I simply can't remember
a fellow Haley spouse, I see ^^ glad to see *someone* has taste around here (jesting, of course.)