Forest Farm Overhill Farm


Greetings everyone,

I would like to show you the place my farmer lives in. This is year 6. For a long time, he had lots of crops to grow everything that was possible each season, many animals and lot of work to harvest, gather, process and sell everything, missing time to visit the valley or meet the other town folks, his friends. One day, I realised that he was becoming like Joja, the very thing he has fought against when coming to Stardew Valley : he was everywhere, doing everything, trying to get more and more profit.

So I decided to completely redo the farm. I removed most of the crops, some of the buildings and I redesigned the farm to feel more like a walk in the woods and fields. Thus, my farmer had more free time and only had to focus on a handful of products: mead, beer, pale ale, (ancient fruit) jelly and caviar, because he is a gourmet. Here is the farm.

The bee houses are scattered all around the farm, so bees are free to harvest nectar from whatever they want: trees, flowers... and the day all bee houses are all ready, gathering honey for my farmer feels like a pleasant walk.

There are flowers at the doorstep of the house, not to improve honey quality (it does, but as the honey is brewed into mead this is irrelevant) but to offer a sweet view to my farmer's beloved wife as soon as she leaves the house.

The two fields north of the Jumino's hut produces the wheat that is brewed into beer all around the year while the greenhouse holds the hop plants for the pale ale and the ancient fruits for the jelly.

The three ponds of sturgeons are also placed to be like garden ponds rather than fish ponds. I hope to be able to place benches near them. Nonetheless, the ponds produce sturgeon roe that is aged into caviar.

I neither had the heart to remove all fruit trees (especially the iridium ones) nor all animals, so I kept some of them to add a bit of life and diversity in the farm. They bring in extra cash to my farmer, but that's only a bonus.

The northern shed is where beer, mead, pale ale, jelly and caviar are produced (and part of it is then aged in the cellar) for a daily income ranging from 10k to 100k gold depending on how many batches are ready. The southern shed is only a place to relax and will soon become something similar to a japanese green tea house.

Finally, to allow my farmer to easily navigates through Stardew Valley and meet his friends, I built the obelisks in a field of grass to remind of the druidic monoliths (menhir) said to be placed on ley lines.


Thanks. Autumn is my favourite season in Stardew Valley, so I took extra care of having the farm looking good in that season. :happy: