My ideas for expanding on the game ♦1.6♦ (meuseum furniture, NPC relationships, larger funded Festivals, Costomizable exteriors, and more ..🌝)

Tukis J

- :iridium: It would be awesome to have another use for the gems found in geodes, maybe we could trade them at the museum for special items, for example, 3 marble would give you a marble statue, 3 tears would give you a yeti costume, etc.. for each different geode gem you could pay 3 of that gem to the museum for a special cosmetic item. This would be unlocked after the player completes the museum collection.

- :leaf: I wished there was a better way to spend on other festivals since in the late game players have tons of gold may be a good idea for a later update maybe the player could invest around 100,000 gold per season to help like mayor Luis to invest in bigger festivals per season, this festivals would be place instead of the two festivals that are in place per season. Each festival would be different and bigger for each season with new things to do and items to gain. maybe in summer investing in a castle building competition or surfing or something bigger and better In the fall we could have instead an actual circus to come to the train station full of performers than the festival, or maybe another festival to invest is like a big banquet. In winter instead of the winter star, the player could invest in a big fireworks festival for pelican but in the world of stardew valley it would be magical fireworks made by the wizard like think like the fireworks Gandalf made something like that, and other ideas, etc...

- :marnie: In regards to relationships with the NPC another incentive for having the heart bar complete, would be as a reward the villagers would be interested know on doing activities with the player, Like for Haley she could invite you to take pictures of wildlife by clicking on a two grid area the player could take a picture that would be sent to the mail the next day that could be hanged on the players' farm, Another example would be like having max hearts with Marnie she would give you the option to customize the player's farm animal or different variations of the horse. Max hearts with the wizards would give the ability to enchant the player's shoes like an additional speed boost, another example would be the player with max hearts with Sebastian would give the ability to play board games or pool with him at the saloon, etc.

- :house: Customizable exterior of the sheds would be good as well. it would be awesome if the texture of the exterior could be changed from different wood or rock or brick textures. Another way to customize the shed would be changing the roof shapes from triangular to circular or other shapes. this type of customization could also be done to the house exterior of the player's farm house.

- :dizzy: For the wizard tower, it would be nice if he could show the player a map of which are the areas the player could put items that won't be destroyed.

- :lightbulb: lastly an upgrade to the computer to keep track of your island farm the add on would make the computer have a coconut antenna
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all of these sound great! unfortunately due to CA's work on The Haunted Chocolatier he probably won't make giant or maybe even minor changes to stardew. :(