Riverland Farm MoLand Farm - Year 22 Fall 3 - Riverland Style

Heya! My second save is coming along, so I thought why not conclude my first save by showcasing everything it's got! Super proud of MoLand and it's the first and only farm I had before I expanded into this current Beach Farm. Riverland is an up and down roller coaster of emotions to work with!

When I first started playing Stardew Valley, I was enamored with the amount of diverse landscape of the Riverland farm with a "fair" share of water and land (who will need THAT much farmland in the standard farm?! I'll keep my water thank you)... quickly that turned out to be a headache! No space for anything (to my surprise...) Then, I started to really decorate and I appreciate Riverland farm for fitting how I like to decorate my farm - little subsection of surprises, with no coherent theme and just a rambling of ideas - the river partition fits that perfectly! Following the swimming ducks update, my cognitive dissonance in choosing the Riverland farm has all but dissipated - I present, the story behind MoLand Farm!
Stardew - MoLand - Overview Main.png

Meet the Farmers!

Stardew - MoLand - Profile Main.png

The bread winner who does everything and single handedly supports 99% of the GDP of his farm and the whole of Pelican D: Two combined rings and mermaid boots is how he rolls cause stats are everything in this dangerous valley of flying serpents and nauseating ghosts. Passes out at 2AM everyday and starts his day at 6AM, yet somehow he is still fine. Getting robbed 2K a day per night is just an operating cost of his massive empires.

Stardew - MoLand - Profile Yuta.png
Stardew - MoLand - Yuta House Area.JPG

Yuta - The spelunker that collects all sorts of weapons found on her journey. She's now wedded to Gandy. She cherishes her Wedding and Lucky Ring and adorns herself with crystal shoes and bridal wears.

Stardew - MoLand - Profile Gandy.png
Stardew - MoLand - Gandy House Area.JPG

Gandy - The fisherman who loves his fishmates. Rocks a Mermaid boot, Aquamarine and Crabshell Ring. He wields the Neptune's Glaive with pride. Gandy and Yuta now tend the ducks and fish ponds.

Stardew - MoLand - Profile Shuri.png
Stardew - MoLand - Shuri House Area.JPG

Shuri - The farmer who has since retired after growing three giant crops. Now she's at home with Sam. She wears the Slime Charmer Ring and Soul Sapper Ring, and occasionally grows tea to sip at her tea area with Sam. The prismatic junimos bless her with bountiful harvests.
Here's a breakdown of the subsections of the farm!

Stardew - Moland - Golden Clock Area.JPG

The bougie rich area… not much to say about it but it was birthed since the golden clock aesthetic and color fits nowhere in the farm, so this area is dedicated to it. With the color customization of sheds, now there’s an addition of two golden sheds that store some of the proudest treasures of MoLand:

Stardew - MoLand - Fish Shed.JPG

The fish collection shed! Indeed, fishing is loved by three of the four farmers on MoLand and is the pride and symbol of MoLand.

Stardew - MoLand - Treasure Shed.JPG

The treasure shed! Yuta hunts down the prettiest of gems to make this room!

Stardew - MoLand - Main Main Area.JPG

Stardew - MoLand - Farm Animal Area.JPG

Main farm area with the farm animals! Somehow grouping them all up in a small square feels unethical but the real estate I inherited from Grandpa is just so little! I absolve myself of any responsibilities and completely blame the Riverland :P

Stardew - Moland - Storage Shed.JPG

The shed contains all the items the farmer finds on his Stardew journey as he has a clear hoarder problem and refuses to part with any item except the Ancient Fruit Wine that makes him money… the chests are color coded and partitioned by item type! Bottom sections are food-type items with two convenient chests for everyday use. Above that is the fish section to the left, and treasure section to the right. Above that is all the farming produce. Finally, the top row is a list of miscellaneous painting, sword, uhh… “collectibles” the farmer chanced upon.

Stardew - Moland - Baby Duck Area.JPG
Stardew - MoLand - Adult Duck Area.JPG

The duck area?! I don't really know what to call this section, but it's just ducks... baby ducks, big ducks, swimming and quacking and walking. Ducks. Gandy and Yuta tend to them.

Stardew - MoLand - Fish Pond Yuta Area.JPG

The fish pond area Gandy and Yuta are so proud of. Yuta melts all the precious mineral she found in the caverns in the furnaces to help sustain the MoLand economy. Some of the “minerals” look odd, hmmm…

PART 1/2
Stardew - MoLand - Junimo Hut Farming Area.JPG

Stardew - Moland - Giant Crop Mushroom - Yuta Area.JPG

The mushroom / Junimo area is tended by Shuri, who ever since the giant crops are birthed retired in an ol' home with Sam, and does not do farm work anymore O:. Now she tends some gardening and grow some tea leaves occasionally and plays with the occasional prismatic junimos.

PART 2/2

Here’s the island!

Stardew - MoLand  - Island Farming Area.JPG

Stardew - Moland - Island Trellis Beehouse Area.JPG

Yeah… curious where all the farming is on the Riverland farm? Nowhere! They have all been moved here ever since Shuri retired :P The everlasting warm tropics allow for all the farming which was never experienced on the Riverlands

Stardew - MoLand - Island Party Area.JPG

Bonus party area with all sorts of Island specialties! Sure does rival the pirates’ party every other night!
Stardew - MoLand - Quarry.JPG

The Quarry or the rich area 2.0. The music blocks play the Stardew Overture song

Stardew - MoLand - Slime Hutch Area.JPG

The intro to slime breeding area! I would like to think that the slimes here are just having a fun time and when they are grown, they adventured off elsewhere in a cave or a dungeon to form their new families.

Stardew - MoLand - Slime Hutch Interior.JPG

Slime hutch interior! Are those slime eggs served as food? Those waiters don’t look so great… let’s not dwell on this subject anymore as the slimes are all looking your direction now.

The last goal I had was to breed my prismatic slimpire beyond the mini slime area on my farm. It was sailing smooth initially, as I gobble up guides here and there and learned a thing and two about RGB addition and subtraction.

Stardew - MoLand - Main Slime Area.JPG

The main area! This is where I started my first slime breeding attempts, with all sorts of Green, Blue, Purple, Red slimes of different degrees! Eventually they produced yellow, brown, pink, and "prismatic blue" slimes.

Stardew - MoLand - Blue Slime Area.JPG

The blueish / random? corner! This was when the slime breeding went out of control and I had to exile some of the impure or unknown origin baby slimes into this corner of the Spa Room. This doesn't sound very ethical D:

Stardew - MoLand - White Slime Area.JPG

Oh, the white corner. I was so naive to try to breed from the darker colors initially, not knowing tiger + other slime has so much of a higher chance to obtain white slimes... there's four variants of the white slimes: Diamond, Silver Ores, Rock and the darker ones

Stardew - MoLand - Black Tiger Slime Area.JPG

The black corner was painful D: I remember daily eye balling how dark a child is and if it is darker than the parent to no avail. After a month or two of little progress, I finally had to rely on some RGB reader site eventually and painstakingly screenshot the slimes in Sunny conditions and transfer the image to the PC to identify the RGB values. Let me know your dark magic on turning slimes into black slimes, witch ! D:

Stardew - MoLand - Greenhouse Interior.JPG

Bonus greenhouse interior! It supports the MoLand economy while the farmers do other more interesting stuff…
FINALLY, the house I am fortunate to share with Alex!

Stardew - MoLand - Main Kitchen Area.JPG

Voila our kitchen where I prepared some of Alex’s and my favorite foods everyday. He has made some questionable choices with some of the wallpapers… but we will decorate this house together as a couple and so I will respect his choices.

Stardew - MoLand - Main Bedrooms and Tailoring Area.JPG

The dark-themed master bedroom and a tailoring room showcasing our tailored hats... What? We didn't actually tailor them? I can't hear you...

Stardew - MoLand - Main Dining Area.JPG

A dining room blasting some of our favorite music

Stardew - MoLand - Main Arcade Area.JPG

An arcade room for the boys after conquering both minigame (which I’m taking no credit for as I did not complete either one myself :P)

Thank you for seeing my presentation of MoLand's Riverland Farm if you made it this far :)

Now onto the next save with Beach Farm, where I do all the heartless things such as divorcing my partner for their items and Joja runs, and all things I would never do to dear Alex and the whole of Pelican D:



Looks like a two-headed ostrich. Where do the eggs come out?

Playing on Riverlands myself, and enjoy it a lot. Much prettier than the standard farm, and you've done a great job with design and aesthetics.