Interior Indoor Greenhouse



I am generally pretty happy with the kids' room and how the greenhouse is turning out, but would love suggestions! Also, when I started the library I had wanted something cozy but ended up making a standard library, and I'm not sure how to fix it!

ETA: Woops, just realized I should have mentioned I'm using the Lovely Kitchen mod (not as a plug, just an explanation!).
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Thank you, I'll take it! Also, the kitchen looks better now that I've replaced chests with fridges... 😅


Love the kids' room. Looks very inviting for the little ones! A very nice place. Love the indoor garden idea. I have a number of empty rooms waiting for inspiration. You have given me quite a bit!
I drew some inspiration from the kids room too, although I like the study(?) with the fish tank the best.
when I started the library I had wanted something cozy...
That lower part's pretty cozy - maybe you could extend that effect by putting all the bookshelves along the walls (going around the corners) and putting the tables in the center?

Sorry for the wacky mockup but I'm on break and the planner tool's my best bet for art. The trellises are the bookcases, the straw floor is your facing couches (rotated), the stone floor is your table with iron fence chairs. Along the upper walls, in place of the windows you could put a pair of fireplaces (stone fencing). You'd have some room to rearrange furniture if you wanted to sit *in front of* one of the fireplaces or put in some plants, the main issue would be lighting if the fireplaces didn't provide enough - I put some lampposts as suggestions.
Hey, I like it! It looks like the library just keeps going into the upper room. The torches-and-plants corridor is nice - if I've plotted it right, you could extend the pattern upward and it would match up with your sunflowers (technically, continuing the pattern would mean torches where the sunflowers are, but the sunflowers are the right color and fit the upper part of that room).