If I leave the coconuts on the palms on ginger island, will all of the palm trees eventually have a visible coconut to harvest?


I only use the island for ancient fruit, so I am only there for my weekly harvest, but I noticed some of the palms have coconuts and the thought occured to me. Do they hold the coconut until it is harvested or are the trees in a constant state of spawning flux?

Lew Zealand

Local Legend
I have only started harvesting the Coconuts from the Palm Trees recently as I never noticed them until someone mentioned here that they're actually visible. And I haven't found a noticeable difference between this first harvest and the irregular ones I do now. So it seems to be somewhat random, but I haven't paid specific enough attention to see if they persist to the next day.

Mostly because if I see one, I harvest it! I will try to control myself and have a look next time as I'm still there pretty frequently.