Music I made a remix for the SDV summer music "The Sun Can Bend an Orange Sky"

Hey everyone! I started playing SDV not long ago and absolutely fell in love with the entire soundtrack made by our one and only ConcernedApe. I liked the soundtrack so much that it inspired me to make my own remix for one of the tracks in the game: The Sun Can Bend an Orange Sky. It's actually not my top 5 favourite tracks in the game, but I chose this one because the melodies and the BPM were really workable. I could see the huge amount of potential that I could add to the existing track. And lo and behold, here is the remix:

Some info:
  • I used FL Studio to make this remix.
  • I'm flexible with a wide variety of electronic genres, but I mainly specialize in a genre called progressive house. So most of what you hear comes from my experience with this genre (tho I'd probably consider this more as deep house).
  • I went with a creative route and added many new musical elements to the song, including a distinctive part with a Lap Steel guitar playing (the chords were improvised by me). The only part that resembles the original music is the sitar, it was simply too iconic to remove or replace with a synth.

I plan to produce more remixes of SDV music in the future. Currently I have already started remix projects for:
  • Spring (The Valley Comes Alive)
  • Summer (Tropicala)
  • Mines (The Lava Dwellers)
  • Mines (Magical Shoes)
  • Echos (Sebastian's Theme)
  • The Adventure Guild

So definitely stay tuned! :smile:

P.S. My Artist name is MoraLity, in case if anyone's wondering.


Wow this is so awesome, it has such a good beat! I really love it! I feel like the other ones you have listed will also make really great remixes with this sound. Can't wait to hear!