Solved I can't talk to multiple NPCs at all



I'm not able to talk to quite a few single NPCs anymore. So far I've noticed it's really only Sam, Alex, Shane, and Sebastian. If they're out and about no speech bubble pops up for them at all, but when they're in their rooms the speech bubble does pop up. This is weird because until recently it was perfectly fine. I've had this game for years. Maybe it's the most recent update? I think last time I had played was sometime last year.



Are you using any mods? I've seen quite a few reports of this in the last couple of days, but I think most were using mods.
That's what I thought it was but when I removed all mods and played vanilla it still wouldn't let me talk to them.


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Yeah, just removing mods doesn't always undo the changes they made. I'm glad steam was able to fix the missing files!