High res images for party decorations/present quests?


We're (trying) to have a stardew valley themed birthday for my son in a little over a week. I was hoping to print some stardew images for decorations, or potentially some 'quests' for my son to go find his presents... but the wiki seems very low resolution for everything. Is there an easy way to access higher resolution images?

We got the board game for him, we can't wait to play it as a family. My last resort will be cracking it open and using pieces inside maybe for his party.


Staff member
The wiki actually uses PNG image files for most things, which can be scaled to any size without a loss in quality. Simply download the images and open them in some image-editing software. From there you can adjust the image size. (If you aren't familiar with image-editing software, it looks like just Googling "resize PNG" brings up a bunch of free web tools that can also do that.)