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were stepladders involved?
No, because we only needed to reach the top of the second sphere to get the top one on. 😉 The two bottom spheres only totaled a height just over 6 feet, well within most people's reach... but I have 5 brothers, 4 of which average just over 6 feet tall... and one that is 6 feet and 7 inches. I'm the shortest of my siblings at just under 5'11".

What was tricky, and what is not pictured was the further decoration done by those that couldn't lift giant snowballs onto other snowballs. That did involve some small stepladders. As I recall this snowman eventually ended up with a mangy-looking poof of twigs for a hair-do and I know it got a scarf. Not finding the fully decorated pictures right now, though.


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Went to Spain the beginning of last month and their alleyways are so well-kept, old architecture well-maintained, and with small little shops surprising you with their super-interesting displays. A snippet of a happy time, with a food-for-thought quote.
That looks like a really nice place!


@Cooki3 this is Garrison I call him Garris. He is a short stocky sort of cat. He likes to pick on the other cats and he totally doesn't realize how small he is in comparison to everyone else. He zooms around climbing up the cat trees like a wild thing. In this pic he found my mom's taxes tucked away into a box which he thinks he's helping with.

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The cat, the manipulator. They control humans to be loved. Disguise as a pet, trickery. They are immortal in shallowness.

Not hatred, but fear felt. They are scary in the dark.