Please Read Game Suggestions Guidelines

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Hi there! Be sure to read our rules if you haven't!

If you have a suggestion that isn't in Stardew Valley yet, you're more than welcome to leave a suggestion here and discuss ideas with others! You can also leave your feedback here and discuss why you like or dislike certain features in the game.

With that being said, keep these guidelines in mind-

- A suggestion is not a guarantee. While the developers love getting insight and feedback from others, posting in this forum is not a guarantee that they will implement your suggestion. Give honest feedback, expect honest discussions, and have a good time!
- Respectfully disagree! If someone implements a suggestion that you think is impossible or overblown, you're free to say you do not support the idea and give your reasons why, but please do not insult the poster or the idea. Alternatively, if someone replies to your thread disagreeing, please be respectful and be open to different perspectives! Always discuss suggestions in a civil manner, regardless of how much you agree.

Thank you for reading!
Not open for further replies.