Forums Update: Mobile thread prefixes, FAQ addition, 1,000 members!

Magically Clueless

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April 27, 2020

Hey everyone! I hope the end of April is treating you well. Since the forums went into full public mode, we've gained over 1,000 members! Thank you all so much for joining and hopefully the forums have treated you well too! Here's to 1,000 more :ca:

Since the forums' full opening, we've made a few changes:

Firstly, there are now two mobile prefixes, Android and iOS, when you report in the Help & Bug Reports forum. The old threads have not been altered, but you can no longer use the "mobile" prefix. Be sure to use the correct version when you make a thread! Also, they're pretty colors now.

Secondly, we've added an extra question to the FAQ in the Rules & FAQ page, which addresses post formatting and specifically how to spoiler posts. There a ton of veterans and new folks alike in the forums, so let's do our best to be considerate to each other! If there is more information you think should go in the FAQ or if you would like clarification on the rules, feel free to let us know in Forum Feedback.

Thirdly, links no longer automatically embed. You can still manually embed them with the "media" tag (located in the "..." section when you create a post) however!

That's all we got for now! Thank you for reading :junicheer::junicheer::junicheer:
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