Fishing buffed dicussions. Overpowered?


I been playing stardew for years and I have always did things a certain way. In spring year 1 I would get forage to level 4 so I can get 2 berries from Berry bushes and level 5 for lightning rods. It was just a thing I did for energy and to protect crops from lightning during the summer.

Now fishing. Back about 5 months ago, fishing was very awful. You couldn't get higher rank fish and the money sucked. Concerned ape buffed fishing and now fishing is extremely OP.

I started doing fishing in early spring year 1 for energy and for money. The mountain lake has the best value for gold and energy.

Consider a large mouth bass gold when eatened restores 65 energy. Holy moly 65 energy golden large mouth bass ! I got to level 5 in 4 days and made an easy 10k gold early in the game. The fish per catch is like 7 or 8 energy but goes down to maybe 6 or 5 energy with a better rod and fishing skill. The fish will often be silver or gold but can also go up to iridiam. They restore energy to the point that fishing ca. Be self sufficient and you heal energy fishing rather than spending it if you eat fish and skill up and still have fish for selling.

All in all, I love fishing now because the energy gains early game are massive. I no longer care about spring onions or salmon berry's. I just catch fish and have a 3-4 stack to munch on when tilling watering or mining.

So fishing is REALLY REALLY GOOD you can make 10k easily and have unlimited energy.

Should fishing be nerfed ? I don't know. On the 1 hand I think fishing is a little too good, but I love having convenience and power so early in the game. Also not everybody likes to fish, and if you try to avoid fishing, you are missing on serious gold and energy potential.

My strategy has changed a lot now. I find berry's utterly garbage and forage not as useful. I also no longer care about spring onions. Once you get fishing rod at day 2, from then on it's easy money easy energy and fun simple and awesome

Well any ways, this concludes my rant. Fishing is absolute necessary early game because the energy and gold is worth more than salmon berry's spring onions and possibly some crops.


Maybe early game it should be nerfed or have a limiting factor since its so strong before you get rolling. Later on though, its still quite weak compared to farming/mining. Compared specifically to salmonberries I think its probably worth it to shake bushes that are generally in your path but to otherwise just fish.

Also, if you think mountain lake fishing is broken, try fishing in the river in the rain (springtime). While they can be difficult to reliably catch, catfish are worth 200 gold base compared to the 100 of largemouth bass. This number is multiplied by the quality of the fish and by the fishing professions. For example if you catch a gold star catfish with the angler profession (+50% profit) you can sell the fish for 450 gold.


I always find it a little powerful in the begining only because you're level one, but then on after you level up some more I say it's about equal.
I still have trouble fishing sometimes with harder fish even with buffs.


I think with the amount of people that use mods or just are unhappy with the fishing game I think the buffs are fine. Personally, I am not playing the game in any kind of competitive setting so having an overpowered amount of energy is no big issue, there's only so much I can get done during the day anyway.

I love doing a bit of fishing just to pass time and it helps me not feel so wasted when I have no crop work to do and I'm on an unlucky day.

At the end of the day, it's easy enough to install a cheat mod or other exploits that negate the negative affects of this buff. If people want to do it, they won't stop at fish.