Fantasy Creature Farmer (specifically Tiefling)


Hello! I'm veeeeeery new to SV mods and what not and was wondering if anyone could point me the direction of a good one for fantasy creature farmers. I've seen the anthro one, but I'm really really longing to play as either an elf or tiefling because I'm the bigest nerd ever. :love: If there isn't a mod that can do this, I don't suppose anyone might find some interest in creating such a thing??


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It seems like a more minor character edit, but maybe this one would work?


Ooo! Thank you! I will totally use those!
I was thinking maybe I could just find a bunch of minor edits and call the result an elf or tiefling.
I don't suppose anyone knows of one that would give the farmer devil/ram like horns? That, a devil tail and the ability to make my character teal is really all I want. LOL!