Fan made board game spouse standees


Hi all,
Big fan of the Stardew Valley IP. I even have official plush Junimos on my christmas tree every year! I'm having a lot of fun with the board game and I'm also a board game designer/publisher. I've made a number of tweaks to the rules to better suite my game group and this is my latest enhancement I wanted to share with everyone.

These are spouse standees so you can have them follow you around with their portrait. This would also now make it possible to have multiple spouses in-play (yet I haven't played with any variation like that so it's just a thought). It uses photoshoped official assets from the board game (thank you OPs!). I used the font Sturdy Gout as I thought it was close enough, but is not the same as used in the game for sure. Print these double sided and slip into your favorite plastic standee foot.