Fairy Dust Recipe Change


Fairy Dust right now, has no real use.
Sure you could get something like an iridium bar if you needed it THAT day, but usually you aren't in that situation, especially in the end game.
A lot of people bring up saving time to get Iridium Ancient Fruit/Starfruit Wine, but comparing the price gain to just selling the Diamond and Fairy Rose, also factoring the cost of the Seeds (So ~1.4k G +200.), you end up losing gold even from the most profitable use.

The main problem is, you only get one Fairy Dust, but you can't really fix that can you? If you got more than 1, you could use that Fairy Dust to instantly get more diamonds for more Dust, so that would be way too busted.

So the idea is, if you want multiple Fairy Dust, you need something that can't be duplicated in an average machine. So why not make the recipe... use a Prismatic Shard?
You can't dupe Prismatic Shards, so you could make the recipe give around 10 Dust or something, which would make Fairy Dust slightly harder to make, but a lot more useful, and actually sounds profitable since you have a handfull to use.
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Prismatic shard for sane player who doesn't go deep in skull cavern and pre-true-perfection is too valuable to spend. Even I who have like 80 stored in chest don't want to spend it.

I think it's okay the recipe requires 1 fairy rose and 1 diamond because they're easily renewable. Just make it produce 2 or 3 instead of just 1.


I mean, It does instantly finish a process, so it can be seen as late-game feature.
So being a bit more expensive would make sense, imo.
I've said before i do SDV for my fun time, not competitive or for challenges(not mainly), but prismatic shards for something that a player can make easy money off of, sounds logical.
Giving more than 1 per craft also sounds nice, as the shards still ARE expensive and rare.

Even I who have like 80 stored in chest don't want to spend it.
I've seen people massively get Magic Rock Candies with them, and i was like "Whaa!! Why so many?!", haha! 3 Shards for 1 Candy... the Shards are gone in no time that way.
So i feel the same way, but i can understand the usefulness of the Dust, too.

Either way, idc as much, but i just gave my point of view.
They are very useful, but having at least a few per craft makes the Shards more useful.
If i could say it, make it 3, so expensive wine can be Iridium quality right away.