Question Dialogues with residents


Hello! I'm not very good at English, but I will try to write. I want to create a mod for SV, in which the text in dialogues with residents will be replaced, but I do not know how to make mods. Tell me where all the dialogues with the residents are.


The first thing you'd start with is unpacking the game files so that you can see the original dialogue files and how they're formatted, as well as get familiar with the folder structure in general. (Knowing that Abigail's "normal" dialogue lives in Characters/Dialogue/Abigail for example.) The format can be kind of confusing at first, but the dialogue page on the wiki should help.

To add or edit lines of dialogue, you'd make a pack for Content Patcher using its EditData action. There are a several dialogue mods for CP you can check out for examples.