Dear Grandpa...


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My dear Grandpa,
maybe all this is going to be a failure, but I want to try,
I know that somehow you will read this and you will remember all that time we passed together and maybe you will be also able to answer me. I know that you will be able to do it, somehow...

So, Grandpa, I really wanted to you to know that I miss you really much, even more now, that I decided to...
...well, maybe I've to tell you first how it happened.


You will surely remember that day, the day when, well... you died.
I still think at your last words: "Now, let Granpa rest..."

Ah, ah, ah...
I was so young, I don't even know why I still remember so much things of that period.
Grandpa's postcard.png

Well, that day, that evening, you gave me that letter, the letter that changed my life, the letter that changed your life too.
After you died, I couldn't stop thinking at what was wrote inside that piece of paper, that you reccomended to me to not open.
I also thought at what should you mean with that: "There will come a day..."
When was supposed to come that day,
the day where I will feel crushed by the burden of modern life ?
What it meant that I "would be ready", ready for what ?
I really didn't understand what you meant...

But in a certain point of my life, twenty years after your death... happened !
I finally opened your letter !

You know, I wasn't even married, I didn't have even more a family.
I was so lone.

This obviously comported, that I had more money for myself, so I closed the cafè, for a while, to take a break from work. But when, money finished, I was forced to return working, but then, I saw that was born a big problem: from the day I returned to work, I wasn't earning money.
The little cafè, you fought so much to open, now was desert, nobody was coming. And it was all my fault, I shouldn't have took that break, I should have reamained there to protect the last thing that remained of you, in this world.
But I couldn't stay there and do anything, so, thinking I was going to make more money, I leaved the market and went to work to the Joja Corporation, a really big company.
I earned yes something while I was working there, but I wasn't still happy, I was instead even more alone and unhappy than before, also because I had that sense of guilt towards you.
I really didn't know what to do.

Firstly, I was thinking of giving up, and leave that my life continued in that manner, hoping that in a certain way, the soluction of all my problems could come to me.
But fortunately, before that I could act like this, I remembered what you said, I remembered of that day, I remembered of your letter...
I seached for it, and there it was, the letter was there, in front of me.
"This letter is surely my safety", I thought.

Then I opened it, and began to read:


When I finished reading, I was really confused: my safety was, a farm ?!
I firstly thought for a long time if that was really the right way to took.
But then I realized that it was you, you sujested me to do that, and I had to trust on you, and so I did.

And here I am,
Grandpa, I'm in the bus and I'm going to Stardew Valley.
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Initial Bus Arrived !.png

My dear Grandpa,

I've to admit that I really don't know if I will be really able to adapt myself to all the things you had left to me.
Let's only say, that I had a very good first time in here.
In fact, I've met two persons today, a beautiful woman called Robin,
and an old man called Lewis, that's the mayor of the local town.

How you told me in your letter, you already know him.
So you should know who is he, even if I suppose, that now he is a little older from the last time you met him.
Instead Robin well, she is a woman with short hair (when I saw her, she had a pony-tail, so I'm not really sure about it).
Instead their color is...
...well I think, that their right color is red or a sort of light brown...
Well Grandpa, how you've noticed, I don't know really much about hair !

But there is a thing that I can say, without being wrong about her, and it's that she was really kind, to wait for me at the bus station !
Also Lewis, when he came out from the old house,
of your farm beacouse he was "putting in order", he gained all my sympathy.

But coming instead on the "farm" argoment.
I really remained shocked, at a first look on KouKous farm...
I'm laughing hard, thinking at what I thought about the farm, while Robin was bringing me there.

here we go !.png
I can't wait.png

Well, maybe I've exaggerated a little, but now I'm revauluating the situation,
and I'm thinking that here, isn't so much bad as I thought, and how Robin wanted me to believe.
Yes, you read that right.
Lewis then explained to me, that she only wanted me to bought some good stuff for my house, at hers shop (she is a carpenter).
I obviously will go there, but not now, in this period I'm only thinking of make myself realxed,
and I also want to explore better the place and meet all the people that leaves here.

So, let's only say, that Robin disliked Lewis comment.
In that moment I really wanted to laugh, but that wasn't the best thing to do, so I instead didn't say anything, until Lewis encouraged me to rest a little, in my new home.
I said goodbye to both of them, and here I am,
lying on the bed and writing this for you, my dear Grandpa.

I promiss you, that this place will became and will be for me, what it was for you:
a little but precious treasure.
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Dear Grandpa,
today was a long day, even if in the complex I've done only one or two things.
Well, in the morning, I woke up, ona not very late hour, I think it was like, at 6:00 of the morning.
On that moment I had a better occasion to look on the interiors of the house, and I've to admit that Lewis has done a really good job rearredating the house for my arrive !
Without saying that he also left a package of parnsnip seeds (I will really have to thank him for all this).

So, with the idea of starting early with the farmer's job, I've digged the solid ground, and I've planted my 15 seeds.
I've watered them, and for today, hadn't anything else to do !
But I didn't want to do nothing for all the rest of the day, even if only planting those seeds, really made me feel exausted.
So I decided to go to the near little town,
Let me get away from here !.png

even if sincerelly, I didn't know really much of where I had to go.

I've then opted, to follow the little path of dirt, that was near at your farm, so I had to pass in front of the bus station, and...
...yes I admit that I had a little moment of panic...

But it wasn't a so hopeless act, in fact the bus wasn't even working...
Oh Grandpa, maybe you didn't understand of what I'm talking about, aren't you ?
Well, maybe it's even better, forget of all the things I've said about you on the last part, ok ?
And don't try to reread it, also because Im not going to delete it, in this moment I'm too lazy to do it.

So, I've passed in front of the bus station, without doing nothing, and then the path changed, and I was all surrounded by little buildings, all colored of bright colors. But maybe you already know how the things are there.
How I've undertstood, there is a little clinic, a local shop of mixed goods.
Then there is a saloon, a library with on it a museum. Then there lives also a carpenter (Robin) and a blacksmith. Then there are only houses, or its only what I've already saw.

who i've encountered.png
The people there is very kind and nice.
In fact, I've only said hello to them and they all began to made themselves known by me.
Oh, without talking about a guy named Alex, with wich I've passed all the afternoon looking at an apparently empty box. Where, it's supposed to live a dog.


I really don't think that I've already met all of the inhabitants of the zone, beacouse for example, the wife of the owner of the local shop Caroline, has told me that she has a daughter, and that her name is Abigail, but I haven't even steel met a girl named Abigail, so...
Whait a second !
There is something outside !
I've really to go, so,
goodbye my dear grandpa, and see you tomorrow !
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