Cute Fishing!


Either way, you seem to be on a roll with finding all sorts of funny things.
Thank you! xD I don't know why this is all happening recently but I'm always happy to share. :)

I'm so jealous hearing this always happens on Switch though. ToT

Hopefully your keyboard is as precise as your mouse. Otherwise it could be back to straight-faced farmer for the Catfish... ;D
Unfortunately, my keyboard is definitely not as precise... though when has that ever stopped me. >:)

Lew Zealand

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LOL, Ok I just tried this and that animation is pretty funny, almost distracting as she jerks about while reeling that Fish in. Clearly this is for show when Willy or Pam is around, making the Farmer look like this is actually a fierce battle of wills between the seasoned, strategic, seafaring, veteran Farmer and her equally matched wily, cunning, slimy, squirmy--