Coffee, Coffee, Coffee..?


SO! I am currently doing a completionism file. And I over looked coffee. It's the only item remaining for me to earn the Polyculture achievement. It's a bummer that I forgot it because I have done everything else, shipped nearly everything, upgraded all except 2 tools to Iridium quality, and earned all 4 candles from the 3rd year evaluation.

With coffee, is the only way to get new beans purchasing them from the Traveling Cart? Can they not go in a seed maker? I have 1 plant in the ground currently and it's early spring. I'd like to not have to wait until the end of summer to get near this achievement. I do have a greenhouse but it's filled with Ancient Fruit currently, however there are some spaces left available if I need them.


Coffee beans are the seed, so you're good to go if you want to plant more after the first crop @ 10 days. Since the plant usually yields 2-4 beans per harvest (every 2 days), you'll manage the Polyculture achievement pretty quickly, I'd think.


Both the traveling cart an dust sprites are good sources. Sticking one seed into greenhouse usually does the trick for me. If you don’t want to take space in the greenhouse, you can use the clay pot instead - as an insurance if your current crop does not make it 15.

You can also use Speed-Gro on your current plant.
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