Can't decide on what to get first


Currently have 89 Qi gems
I haven't bought anything yet
I'm thinking of either getting Pierre's stocklist or horse flute first but not too sure


I have to agree with the above posters on getting the horse flute first. That's the first thing I bought when I had the chance to start saving up Qi gems . It sure was helpful when you need to get somewhere fast when you're outdoors without your horse. BTW the horse goes even faster in you had a drink of Triple Shot Espresso before hopping on it. After that I think I bought a few Pressure Nozzles. I believe Pierre's Stocklist was like the 4th item I purchased in Qi's Walnut Room.


Horse flute + obelisks was a game-changer for me. I moved my stable to the nether reaches of my farm, put my obelisks by the front door, and the rest is history. Junimo chests are kind of handy for nine items. I don't think I have bought Souls, whatever that is.

Hill Myna

I don't think I have bought Souls, whatever that is.
I'm pretty sure @hexnessie was referring to Galaxy Souls, which you can buy for 40 Qi Gems each.

If you forge either a Galaxy Sword, Hammer or Dagger with 3 Galaxy Souls (and the accompanying 60 Cinder Shards), the Galaxy weapon will turn into an Infinity weapon. These have +20 min and max Damage over their Galaxy variant, and an added +2 Defense for the Sword, +1 Defense for the Hammer, and +3 Defense and +3 Critical Chance for the Dagger.

The other ways of getting Galaxy Souls are as a very rare drop from Dangerous Monsters, and if you've killed at least 50 such Monsters, you can swap 10 Radioactive Bars for 1 Soul at the Island Trader. This can only be done on the final day of the season, but you can do it as many times as you want.

I like to see whether I get any from Monsters before using Qi Gems, but I 100% recommend spending the Qi Gems if you don't get any from Monsters.

Hope this cleared any confusion!


I guess I don't care much about weapons (though with the Pacifist Valley mod on "dangerous" mode, it probably would be a Galaxy Souls heart). That rings a bell.

I also have not got too much into forging, though I do want "reaching" for my watering can and hoe (I may already have it for my hoe).

Hill Myna

I also have not got too much into forging, though I do want "reaching" for my watering can and hoe (I may already have it for my hoe).
I found forging lots of fun! It's easy to disregard if you don't get what you want early on, but with enough Prismatic Shards and a couple restarted days (I'm on Switch, so I can't use Stardew Predictor), it's pretty easy to get past any initial "bad" enchantment clots.
Pickaxe – Powerful. I so rarely use it now that I don't really care, and this helps for Mussel Nodes, so why not.

Infinity Gavel – Crusader, 1 Emerald and 2 Rubies. When I'm in Skull Cavern just for Monster drops, it makes Mummy Floors really fun! My favourite part has got to be the extra damage done to a handful of Monsters, because I can now one-shot Carbon Ghosts.

Axe – Shaving. The only other enchantment I'd consider is Powerful, but I got Shaving first try. Does anyone know what Powerful does on an Iridium Axe? The Wiki says it adds 2 extra power levels, does this mean I can chop trunks AND stumps all in one hit?

Fishing Rod – Master. Preserving is pointless since I have a good number of Worm Bins and I only use "indestructible" Tackles: Treasure Hunters and Trap Bobbers (just put them into the Deconstructer when they're nearly dead and get the materials back again. And yes, Trap Bobbers cost 10 Sap, but I have so much Sap). I might swap to Auto-Hook just for fun.

Watering Can – Reaching. IMO it's way too late to be properly useful, but there are enough places to fill up my Watering Can that Bottomless feels pointless.

Hoe – Generous, I guess? My Hoe is still at Steel, not because I haven't got the resources, but because I just don't use it very much. My Trash Can is very nearly Iridium, I'll probably upgrade my Hoe to Iridium once Clint's finished that. Then I'll just see how long it takes to get Generous, just for the increased Golden Coconuts from Ginger Island Artifact Spots (and the increased chance for Banana & Mango Saplings that comes with it).

Anyways, to answer the question of the thread, I also gave my Horse a little Return Scepter of his own. Yee-haw, more satisfying:



...OK, now to Clint's to pick up my Gold Trash Can!

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I always, always, always get the horse flute first and the junimo chests second.
I always get the horse flute first because it's one of my favorite items in the game.
Just did exactly this, Flute + Chests! Love the little Horse Flute tune and how very not-subtly your Horse shows up! Defo second best thing in the game after the Return Sceptre as it's basically the Horse Return Sceptrflute. New word, use it!

Lew Zealand

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oh my - the other day I said to my son... if only I could whistle for my horse!

and now I find out there's a horse flute?! How do I get one?
Looks like you use XBox so the v1.5 game content is available to you. I haven't looked to see where you are in-game, but if you've finished the Community Center, then a new questline will open up a new location in the game.

Once you proceed through the gameplay prompts and open up a larger portion of that game area, you will find a small location that's blocked, which tells you to continue finding things around the new locations, and will open up when you've found enough. In there will be a familiar face with a new set of quests, and one of the reward options is the Horse Flute. I've only just started playing this area out and followed imnvs' reward advice.

Edit: I previewed a little more of your posts and the v1.5 content isn't available on Android or iOS yet :cry: so if that's your longest-played farm, you wont get the prompt for this new place yet. When it finally releases for your tablet, you'll be able to play it, but for now you'll have to play through your XBox farm to get the new stuff.

Oh darn, more playtime in Stardew Valley... :laugh:
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