Can I have multiple interior furniture mods?


Hello! I'm a bit new to modding in SDV and I wasn't sure if everything is strictly an override, or if they're adding their own assets. I know it's probably about 50/50 depending on the mod. However! My specific question is regarding these two:

Cream/Dark Brown Furniture
Victorian Interior

I saw other really cute ones, but figured since I don't know about this, I won't download them yet. My question is whether or not I can run both of these at the same time (and other ones, or what I would be looking for in the mod description that would make it compatible with others), or if I have to pick one over the other.

Thank you!


you want to download the CP version ...
if you look under the files "preview file content" you see that they both have a "furniture.png" file, so they will override and you cant use both.
if you have a programm to edit the png file you can merge them to your liking, just use one of the above and edit the "furniture.png"


You should be able to use these together. Yellog's Loads the whole file, which replaces the entire thing in a way that only one mod in your whole Mods folder can do. The Victorian one edits specific parts of the furniture file, so any overlap will show Victorian instead of the other.

Mostly it just depends on the mod, how much they change, and how they do it.