Blew up statue of true perfection


I accidentally blew up some items of my farm with a mega bomb. Two of the items being the statue of perfection and the statue of true perfection. I was able to interact with grandpa's shrine to get the statue of perfection back, however, when I interact with his shrine again or try interacting with the perfection tracker in Qi's Walnut Room I do not receive the statue of true perfection again.

Does anyone know if the statue of true perfection is recoverable or not?

I play on Xbox and am unable to edit save files and I didn't think to restart the day until it was too late sadly.

Thanks for any help!


Ouch, that hurts. I have learned the hard way to be careful with bombs around the farm. The last time was I blew up a mega bomb that I received in the mail. Not my best day, and I have no idea why I couldn't think to just restart the day, lol.