Android Controller Support


This game really needs some tweaks to it's Android Controller Support; some crucial functions are so broken that I wish I hadn't bought the game. :( Touch controls aren't a viable option for all of us. I'm just hoping that Google Refund Policy pans out.

Main issues:
- Can't stack items in any way.
- hold functions don't work (stacking, cutting trees, etc.)
- No quick-move of stacks, whether existing or not.
- Controls locking up entirely for 1m+; able to switch tools but unable to use/move.

I'm really not sure why these functions were changed at all, so my "Suggestion" would be to copy the UI choices used on console. (R for stacks, hold A to split/combine, etc.)

I really wanted to love this game after putting over 1000hr into it on Xbox, but the current state is honestly too frustrating to be enjoyable.