A small update from CA on 1.5 for mobile [Updated 10/19]


I wish he was able to split it up, since the port is taking so long.

Having a 1.4.5 that had the QoL updates from 1.5 and maybe the new request board / beach farm and just didn't have the island would be a huge addition, and I suspect adding in the island is a significant part of the porting difficulty.


Hi all this is my first post on the forums 😊 anyway just holding out hope for the 1.5 update for mobile, hoping for Christmas, but at the same time not holding my breath. It will come when it comes. Until then I will continue patiently waiting with everyone else. Thank you CA for a great game!


I wish he was able to split it up, since the port is taking so long.

Having a 1.4.5 that had the QoL updates from 1.5 and maybe the new request board / beach farm and just didn't have the island would be a huge addition, and I suspect adding in the island is a significant part of the porting difficulty.
I’m not sure what occurred that forced CA to go to a new developer for porting, so it may well be that the new dev doesn’t even have the source code of the current mobile version. CA seems to be pretty tight lipped about this particular bit, so I can only speculate that things with the original porting devs didn’t go very amicably.

It will get done when it gets done, nothing the devs can do about that but just to give it their all (sans the whole crunch thing that plagues the industry).


Thank you very much @Odin for sharing this update. :happy:

I would have love to get the 1.5 update on mobile earlier, but the replayability of patch 1.4 is really high and I still enjoy playing Stardew Valley almost daily on my mobile. Like many people, I prefer to wait for a quality update rather than a buggy one that was rushed.
So, I'm puzzled by people complaining that they have no longer interest in the game or no longer enjoy it because patch 1.5 is missing... :whistle:

Bws62 said:
Concerned Ape hates mobile gamers and is greedy. he Has no interest in providing 1.5 update for mobile users. Has made 2 useless posts since upgrade and has pretty much told mobile players they aren’t worth his time.
Sorry, but I read that too many times and I can let it go once more without replying myself. And I took the liberty to mention @ConcernedApe here, not to get a reply from him, but because with all the negative and acerbic comments about mobile patch delay that he must have read, I believe he deserves positive feedback as Stardew Valley has many, many assets:
  • the character design is awesome, with NPCs that are enough stereotypical for players to easily know what to expect, yet NPCs have some depth in their storyline and personality, allowing players to really bond with them
  • endless customisation of the farm and farmer making each playthrough different
  • nice and cute graphisms with a SNES-like feeling that is like a cuddle for some players, reminding them of their childhood
  • there is a real ambiance in the game making it fun and even restful to dive in
  • different ways to play the game, leading to a great replayability
  • great updates that are free, like in the good old times (and because of that, I'm more inclined to buy official side products to support the game)
  • interesting texts and gossips: there is some tought that was obviously put into them and some of them even have depth and deal of complex topics like relationship or man-nature interactions. I even dare say that some texts are inspiring
  • the soundtrack is amazing and original, strengthen the ambiance and is probably one of the best I've listen to for the past decade
In a nutshell, the game is well crafted and a real attention was given to it in conception, writing and making. All by a single man who handled everything from design, art to technic.

Thus, I just can't believe that a man who obviously put so much heart and time in a game he made almost alone, can be the greedy and careless guy described by some users.
I agree, also, the mobile version is actually far cheaper than the desktop version (I have it on mobile, iOS AND android, as well as desktop). CA is not greedy, if he were, he'd be doing Free2Play (F2P) "freemium" for mobile, that's the model that practically monopolizes the app stores and holds people hostage to loads of microtransactions or videos in order to play (coming from someone who has dropped a couple of thousand $$$ in ONE f2p mobile game, which is still also loaded with ads lol)... he doesn't do that, at all. All mobile Stardew updates have been free after initial (and very inexpensive) purchase. He also doesn't do subscription, a single month of iOS (Apple arcade) subscription would pay for the game outright lol. He also updates for each iOS version to keep the thing running, and has for years. Thus Stardew Valley is a pay-once and play for years game that has also received years of free updates and continued support.

Yes, the mobile port is taking a while, at first probably because it made no sense to port with bugs still to be worked out on easier to develop-for platforms, and when it was time to be ported there was an unforeseen issue with the (hired) team doing the porting, causing them to have to begin anew with someone else, which is not CA's fault. Stuff happens, they let him down. If folks are going to get their metaphorical undies in a wad (this is humor), it might be nice to appreciate the full info. Stardew being a pay-once game is exactly why I bought it, because that is an ethical and value-based way to sell games that people appreciate (and is exceedingly rare on mobile); it generally causes better quality development to avoid the F2P model too.

Yes, it is a bummer no update yet, it's not CA's fault. Since the first one took 6 months before whoever was doing it let CA down, probably it'll take at least 6 more from the restart point, in which time it remains a great and entirely playable game albeit missing a bit of extra content. Probably it might be best for for folks to adjust their expectations, and have some patience for an awesome (and prior to recently, lone) developer who doesn't port the game to mobile himself (he didn’t drop the ball). CA is dedicated to seeing the update on mobile and always has been.
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