A reason to keep living (in game)


The Statue of Ultimate Perfection is pretty useless, especially with the increased Shard drop rate with 1.5. By the time you get it you likely have the means to easily get shards anyways.

It would be nice if something else interesting opened up in the end game that used shards.

Something like upgrading machines, like enchanting.

Special Order (Town Board) from ??? (The capule space man):

Help, I've been stranded in this stange land for so long I'm beginning to forget my homeland. I've figured out how to rebuild my ship, please leave the following items in the chest by the mass tranport vehicle (bus). (Chest appears at the top behind the trees):

- Strange Capsule
- 50 Iridium Bars
- 50 Batteries
- 50 Radioactive Bars
- 10 Prismatic Shard
- 100 <random gem>
- 10 Dwarven Computer
- 1 Dwarven Helmet
- 20 (random cooked food)
Unlock: UFO cutscene
Letter in Mail

Thank you for helping me stranger. I owe you more than can I can ever properly repay. I've left my workbench in the chest, it is far more advanced than anything on your world, and can craft amazing machines.

Frdzign!bl Cm'yaeniixvl
In Chest:
Advanced Workbench
Use 1 Prismatic Shard to add a random Enchantment to a device:

Things like:
Clockwork - reduce production time by 10%
Precision - Produced items gain +1 quality level (if applicable).
Efficient - Machine has a chance to produce an extra item.
Bulk - Adds a 9 slot chest to machine, the machine will dispense produced items into this chest.

Junimo Hut Upgrades
Items you can unlock and buy/get from the wizard that you can place in the hut to grant boosts:

Tiny Spade - Junimos will keep any dirt tiles in their range Tilled (must be tilled initially, debris and weeds can still make it de-till).

Tiny Umbrella Hat - Junimos will collect items in the rain

Tiny Hiking Stick - Extends the range of a junimo hut by 1 tile in all directions.

Tiny Basket - Junimos now have a chance of getting additional crops while collecting (applicable crops only).

Tiny Shoes - Junimos have increased collection speed. Shoes wear out on season change.
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