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SMAPI Stardew Access 1.0.16-beta

  • More menus (almost all) are now accessible
  • Footstep sounds now stop when the player is colliding
  • More options in charachter customization menu/new game menu
  • Shortcut keys for certain menus
    • C = cycle through the crafting recipies in the current recipies list
    • I = go to the first item in chest inventory/crafting recipe/item to buy
    • Shift I = go to the first item in the player's inventory
  • Added more item to Read Tile
  • Bug fixes in read tile, shop menu, etc.
  • Options, co-op, shipping and the callender menu are now accessible.
  • Some bug fixes

  • Added NPCs to read tile.
  • Read tile says Colliding is the player is stuck
  • New keybind `J` to manually trigger read tile
  • Added day and date to `Time and Season` narration, i.e., `Q`.
  • Bug fixes in read tile, dialog narrator and item count.
  • Removed `J` and `L` as alternate to `X` and `C`.
  • Added `Ctrl Enter` and `Shift Enter` as alternate to `[` and `]`

  • Added resource clumps (large rocks, large stumps, etc.), water tiles and ladders to the read tile feature.
  • Two new keybinds:-
    • Q = Narrates the time of day and season
    • R = Narrates the money the player has
  • Now read tile narrates even if the tile get's updated.
  • Some bug fixes.

  • Added more things to read tile feature and made it enabled by default. More things will be added.
  • Now it says `harvestable` if the crop is ready for harvest.
  • It will now narrate the currently selected slot item and also it will narrate the locations name when entering it.
  • Removed j and l for cycling through items in the new game menu.

  • Bug fix in read_tile and snap_mouse​
  • Add `Watered` prefix if the crop is watered.​

  • The letter/mailbox menu is now accessible.
  • The journal/quest log menu is also accessible including the daily quest menu in the billboard.
  • Changed left and right mouse click buttons to braces, `[` & `]` , to fix the issue with dialogues getting interrupted sometimes.
  • Added `j` and `l` as an alternative to `left` and `right` arrow keys in the `New Game` manu
  • New experimental feature, Read Tile. This feature reads the objects at the current grab/tool hit tile. Also reads the crop's name. Use `read_tile` command to toggle it. This feature is `disable` by default.
  • New fearture, Snap Mouse. This feature snaps mouse to the player's position. Hopefully this feature will fix the issue when we pickup items like beds. Use `snap_mouse` to toggle it. This feature is `enabled` by default.
  • Bug fixes in Player Position narration and some small changes.