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SMAPI Stardew Access 1.0.16-beta


A mod that adds screen reader and keyboard only support for windows. Trying to make the game more accessible.

Check out the Stardew Access Website for more information and guides.

You can post issues or suggestions in GitHub or Discord. I prefer Discord.

| Discord | GitHub | Patreon |


  1. SMAPI
  2. AutoHotKey

  1. Download the zip file.
  2. Extract it.
  3. Move it to the Mods folder in the stardew valley game folder.

New Keybindings

  1. H = Narrate health and stamina.
  2. K = Narrate player position.
  3. [ or Ctrl Enter = Simulate mouse left click
  4. ] or Shift Enter = Simulate mouse right click
  5. Right Arrow Key = (only for new game menu) Next UI element.
  6. Left Arrow Key = (only for new game menu) Previous UI element.
  7. Q = Narrates the time of day, day and date and season
  8. R = Narrates the money the player has
  9. J = Manually trigger Read Tile

Shortcut keybinds for certain menus:-
  • C = cycle through the crafting recipies in the current recipies list
  • I = go to the first item in chest inventory/crafting recipe/item to buy
  • Shift I = go to the first item in the player's inventory

New Commands

  1. read_tile = Toggle Read TIle feature
  2. snap_mouse = Toggle Snap Mouse Feature
  3. ref_sr = Refreshes screen reader

Read Tile(experimental):-
This feature reads the objects and NPCs at the current grab/tool hit tile. Also reads the crop's name. Use `read_tile` command to toggle it. It also says `Colliding` if the player is stuck by any houses or map boundaries. This feature is `enabled` by default.

Snap Mouse:-
This feature snaps mouse to the focused tile's position. Use `snap_mouse` to toggle it. This feature is `enabled` by default.
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Latest updates

  1. Beta 1.0.16

    Changelog More menus (almost all) are now accessible Footstep sounds now stop when the player...
  2. Beta 1.0.10

    Changelog Options, co-op, shipping and the callender menu are now accessible. Some bug fixes
  3. Beta 1.0.8

    Changelog Added NPCs to read tile. Read tile says Colliding is the player is stuck New...