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Content Patcher Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion 1.1.0

I finally figured out how to upload/share mods on here heh. I recently updated it so I wanted to share!

Hello and thank you for looking at my mod :D.

This is an immersive dialogue expansion for one of my favorite bachelors Sam! I love SDV and it's an amazing game, but while playing I found myself wanting the characters to talk a bit more about their lives/families/interests and to be more romantic. With this mod I hope to make Sam more fun, and to make romancing him cute and endearing.

Sam's energetic and fun, and I wanted to add some more life to his character. As a writer myself and a player of otome/visual novel games, I wanted to add some more lines to give him a little more personality and passion. I did focus mostly on adding cutesy, romantic lines, but even if Sam isn't a love interest for your farmer there are platonic lines that will make him more memorable and fun!

This mod adds:
+ over 40+ new dialogues, both romantic and platonic
+ immersive, canon-friendly dialogue based on the season, weather, year, location and your relationship level with Sam. Romance is paced as realistically as possible.
+ SFW content. There are a couple of suggestive lines (PG-13), but by no means is this mod adult-content/NSFW.

What this mod doesn't do:
+ will not overwrite any vanilla dialogue or change any vanilla files. It is safe to use on existing save files.

Future Plans:
+ adding marriage dialogue
+ adding more dialogue about family, his band, and friends
+ possibly adding features for Sam to send you mail. Done in version 1.1.0 update!

1. Make sure to have the latest version of SMAPI installed.
2. Download Content Patcher here. Unzip the files into your Stardew Valley Mods folder.
-If playing on GOG Games your pathing should be GOG Games -> Stardew Valley -> Mods. If playing via Steam, your pathing should be Program Files (x86) -> Steam -> steamapps -> common -> StardewValley -> Mods. If you do not have a Mods folder in your main Stardew Valley folder, please make one.
3. Download my mod and unzip it into your Mods folder. You should see a folder called [CP] Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion in your Mods folder.
4. You're ready to play! Thank you for downloading! :)

1. Simply delete [CP] Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion from your Mods folder. No damage will be done to your game files.

~~Version 1.1.0 Changes~~
> Added extra seasonal + pre and post-event dialogue.
> Added two additional rainy day dialogues that play on random.
> Added a new introduction dialogue.
> Added two new partner proposal dialogues (when flowers are given) and a brand new marriage proposal dialogue (when pendant is given). One partner proposal dialogue will play at random when asking Sam to be your partner.
> Added the ability for Sam to send player mail pre-marriage.

~~ How To Update My Mod ~~ :
1. Make sure you have the latest version of SMAPI and Content Patcher installed on your system.
2. Go into your Mods folder.
3. Delete my mod folder.
4. Download my mod's file on this page, placing it in whatever location you want on your PC.
5. Unzip my mod's zip file and place [CP] Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion inside your Mod's folder.
6. You're all ready to play now!

~~Compatibility ~~
This mod is compatible with every mod since it is just a dialogue mod! I'm using 180+ mods in my playthrough, 6+ being dialogue mods, and have had no issues.
You can use it with other dialogue mods too and I highly recommend using other's mods for a fully immersive experience. As of the 1.1 update my mod will take priority over other dialogue mods (for example, if Modder Z has a dialogue coded in for spring day 4 and so do I, my dialogue will display, not theirs).
- If you want someone else's mod to take priority over mine you can simply go into the manifest.json file within my mod's folder. Open it with a coding editor such as notepad++ or visual studio code. On the second row (2) beside "Name": remove [CP] from the beginning. The row should now read "Name": "Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion" and will load in after mods who alphabetically come before S (meaning mostly everyone else's dialogue mods will load in before mine and will have priority). If someone else's mod you like begins with an S or still loads in behind mine, you can rename my mod in the manifest.json like so "Name": "z Starbrite's More Sam Dialogue Expansion". For reference, mods load in alphabetically so mods that load first will take priority :). DO NOT DELETE, CHANGE OR MODIFY ANYTHING ELSE. You could break the mod!

You can install this mod in the middle of a playthrough too! For the best experience and to see all of Sam's dialogue + mail a fresh, new play through is recommended.

~~Bugs and Feedback~~
If you find any bugs, typos or issues, please let me know by adding them to the BUGS section on this mod. If you have any questions or have smaller issues, please post them in the POSTS section. I have played with this mod in my playthrough, but have not had a chance to test every single scenario the dialogues could pop up. This also is my first time uploading a mod, so I'd appreciate any feedback!

If you love this mod don't forget to endorse it and share with friends/family/etc! If you really love it and would like to support me and future updates, don't forget you can also donate any amount of money in any currency you wish by clicking DONATE on this mod's file page near the top or my profile.

~~ My Mod In Other Languages ~~
Portuguese - Brazil Translation by DuudahS2!

The Portrait Mod found in the screenshots is made by 아도르 (
Direct DL to portrait mod:
(naver accounts needed to download. Please see below about Naver)
***1.5 updated Sam Portrait Art. Should be able to download without logging into Naver so no Naver account is needed!:

UI Mod: Vintage Interface V2 by ManaKirel (

Interior of Buildings: Rustic Country Town Interiors by Hesper (

~~Screenshots (for a better idea of my writing and sneakpeeks~~


Please DO NOT redistribute my mod in any way or try to pass it off as your own. If you would like to make a translation into your language, you are more than welcome to do so, but please give credit (my name AND linking back to source here). You can also post about it under POSTS on this mod's page so I can update this mod description with the link to the translation and help other people find it :). Thank you!

Please DO NOT ask me how to use or download Naver or Naver Mods. Please browse the first few comments under POSTS (or ctrl + f and type in "Naver") on this mod if you have any basic questions since I have answered basics there. I also made this image to help with downloading from Naver blog pages. or you can read this post ( on navigating Naver, how to make an account and how to download files. I am no longer answering questions about Naver or Korean. They will be ignored. Thanks for understanding :) Please also don't ask me or anyone else to send you the files. While I would love to share, mod authors work very hard and spend hours on their art, coding, edits/etc, and I don't want to redistribute someone else's mod without their permission.

And lastly, thank you so much for downloading my mod and a special thank you to everyone that endorsed it! It makes me happy to see all you happy and using it, so thank you again :). If you like my work and would like to support me and my future mods, don't forget to hit that donate button on the top of the mod page (below Translations) OR head over to my profile and click donate. You can donate any amount you wish ($1 and more) in any currency you like via Paypal.
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