Otters pet mod

Otters pet mod 2.0

Alternate Textures version also available

Please don't re-upload or re-distribute or edit/trace over my Mod/ Sprites and especially not behind a paywall! It would be very disrespectful of my efforts and work plus it's not a nice thing to do. This was done just so I could practice doing sprites and is meant to be free to enjoy and not for profit. They may not be amazing but I did work hard on them.
Please don't add any of my stuff to Mod Packs even with credit. People barely read the credits and it kinda takes away from this mod and the possibility for feedback. If you would like to, for whatever reason, contact me and ask first! I would like to check out the mod first and maybe help push it.
This mod should only be available for download here on Nexus and on the stardewvalley mod forum under the username "thatotterthing".


⦁Install SMAPI
⦁Install Content Patcher
⦁optional but recommended: install generic mod menu
⦁Extract into your \Stardew Valley\Mods\ folder (or where ever you installed your SMAPI mods folder)

Without generic mod menu:
⦁Run the game using SMAPI so that it creates a config.json file
⦁Open the config.json and use the reference image to change your animals to the ones you want.
example: (open > config.json)
""dog 1": "Jack Russell "
to change dog1 (if thats your active dog) to the Jack Russell texture. All the animals are labelled on the reference image. save>close>then start the game with SMAPI.

With Generic mod menu:
⦁run the game using smapi
⦁open the generic mod menu (click the gear in the bottom left corner of the title screen and you will see a menu of your mods)
⦁click on the mod and a simple drop down menu will pop up and let you select the textures you want. (so easy!)

upcoming animals in 2.0
-Chinchillas: Gray, White, Black and Marbled
-snakes: Corn Snake, milk Snake, Garter Snake and Python
-reptiles: Green Iguana, Bearded Dragon, Savannah Monitor and Tortoise
-dogs: Borzoi, St. Bernard, Irish setter, English Sheep Dog
-cats: Tuxedo

you can make recommendations in the posts section! there's no grantee they will make the mod but I do consider them.

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note: unfortunately I haven't yet figured out how to remove the bark/meow sound effects when using certain animals in the mod. please excuse the barking
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