Map Predictor

Custom Map Predictor 5.51

This predictor allows you to see the results of various RNG elements in the game.

Enter your game seed, date, various other details like daily luck, various skill levels and more, and the predictor will show you what tiles will drop what items.

You can upload a game save to have details entered for you where possible
You can upload a screenshot to have the items overlayed on this instead.
You can save the resulting image for future reference.

Modes include:
Crates in the mines
Boss monsters in the mines
Stones in the mines (includes ladders and ore drops)
Stones outside of the mines (for geodes and coal)
Seed Makers (Ancient seeds/Mixed Seeds/Regular Seeds from seedmakers (load the seedmaker at the specified time))
Artifacts spots
Bubble locations (displays start and end times)
Crop quality and Multi Harvests
Giant crop locations
Giant crop quantities (look for the top left tile of the crop)
Tree felling (for seeds and hardwood)
Forage Quality
Stone Owl/Strange Capsule
Tree Shaking (requires save to be uploaded)
Soil Tilling
Fish Ponds
Calico Jack Hands
File Summary Forage, Artifacts Spots, Trees, Stones)
Recycling Machine
Supply Crates
Special Requests Board
Island Resort Visitors

Display can toggle showing amount of items dropped, or be filtered by the amount.
Map can be zoomed in, and items made transparent using sliders
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