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Thanks for the suggestions! I have another friend pushing me to watch camp camp so i will definitely look into it. I guess i like anime, but i am a bit of a beginner to it. All ive watched is little witch academia and soul eater. If you have some good anime suggestions for such a newbie that would be great!
Oh boy, oh boy I got you! Some good starter animes would be My Hero Academia (tv-14), Ouran Host Club (tv -14), Death Note (TVMA), Haikyuu (tv-14), and any Studio Ghibli movie (G-Tv14). If you end up watching Death Note make sure you watch the anime series or read the manga. The movie is not very good. If you are looking for a long show, I would recommend Fairy Tail (TVMA). It is 9 seasons plus OVAs, movies, and a whole other series called 100 Year Quest (same characters). Also, I would recommend My Roommate Is A Cat (Tv-14). It is a super cute anime, and it is only one season right now. Totally watch Camp Camp. I laughed so hard while watching it, and I do not typically laugh out loud during movies or shows. My favorite characters are QuarterMaster, Gwen, and Max! Hope this cures your boredom!
PS - Most if not all these shows can be found on Funimation. Some are on Netflix though. Any Studio Ghibli movie can be found on Prime Video. :3
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I love steven universe! i have watched all but future, which i cant find a way to watch.
Same, I assume it's coming to HBO Max at some point this year (same company as Cartoon Network, has the first 5 seasons), but I'm not sure if that's actually been confirmed yet.
HBO Max just added the movie today, so I think that's a pretty good sign that Future will make it there as well at some point.

Edit: Turns out this has been announced and I missed it! Steven Universe Future will be add to HBO Max on August 28th
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because of quarantine i have insane amounts of time on my hands. I spend most of this time curled up in bed watching tv, but because of this i burn through shows quickly and cant find a new one fast enough! What are some of your favorite shows, and recommendations? Possibly things you have been looking into but just haven't had the time to watch?
Steven universe. my favorite show. if you complete the 5 orginal seasons, the movie and season 6 do rewatch.