Tip: Lots of grass on a first day of spring


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Huh, that's very useful! Although it seems like something that may not have been intended.


woah, thanks for sharing this tip! In my first playthrough I struggled to have enough grass for my animals to eat because they'd eat it all way too fast, so this is really helpful!

Lew Zealand

BTW, I did this Super Pro tip on our current multiplayer save and got a Farm full of grass on Spring 1, Year 2, which is what I always wanted. Just get those animals outside after a long stinky Winter in the Barn and Coop and I'll never need to tend to them again. Because the other farmer likes to pet and feed them. That's known as good planning, just like this Super Pro Grass Starter tip.

Aaaah, nothing to do but watch the Coffee grow for 2 whole seasons. I'm so lazy I didn't even craft any sprinklers to plant anything in the Greenhouse yet, there's a single Rare Seed growing in there and if I'm lucky it'll be ready by Winter 1. What a great game!